Moving in the times of Coronavirus: What you need to know

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, the Australian government has enforced a complete shutdown of non-essential services.


As of right now, freight, logistics and home delivery are considered an essential service and we will, therefore, continue to operate and move our customers until we are told not to.

As we navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, RemovingGo Removalist are committed to helping our customers stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times.

Moving home in Melbourne at Stage 4 – Latest Updates


In short, YES you can move home in Victoria during Stage 4. However, the move must fall within certain conditions outlined below.

RemovinGo can operate as a permitted business during Stage 4 restrictions. We are classified as a Road Transport (passenger and freight) business. We have implemented new working procedures, as outlined in our COVID Safe Plan.  All workplaces operating during Stage 4 lock-down must have a COVID Safe plan.

The DHHS released updated Stay At Home Directions.


Section 10 states that a person may leave a premises in which they ordinarily reside if:



Moving to or from storage should also be allowed, if  related to the above activities.

RemovinGo can also provide delivery transport services, if receiving goods from an open and authorised business.


If your move does not fall within the above, you must contact the DHHS and obtain a quote reference stating that your move is permitted. You can also call our office for advice regarding the circumstance of your particular move 0481331116.


Otherwise your move will need to be postponed to after Stage 4 restrictions end.


COVID Safe measures when moving house in Victoria.


When working in your home we will be implementing more stringent COVID safety measures in line with Stage 4 restriction guidelines. We ask that you abide by the following:

  1. All persons present onsite must wear a face masks at all times. Our removalists will do the same. (Note: our movers may remove their mask for a short period if they are undertaking highly strenuous or aerobic activities.)

  2. Only one customer is to be present for a brief period at beginning of the move. This is to liaise with one of our movers and give directions. Strict social distancing of 1.5 metres must be maintained at all times.

  3. Customers sanitize any high touch surfaces, such as door knobs or table tops prior to our team arriving. A quick wipe down with anti-bacterial disinfectant will suffice.

  4. Preferably, all occupants will vacate the premises for the duration of the move. If you are unable to leave due to exceptional circumstances, we ask that you isolate in one room for the duration of the move.

  5. If a customer enters a room or space in which our team are working, our team will vacate that room temporarily.

  6. We will ask customers to verbally agree to our terms and conditions with our removals staff at the beginning of your move. Customers are no longer required to digitally sign our ipads. Our T & C’s are contained in our confirmation email. We ask that you read this email thoroughly prior to your moving home and contact our office if you have any questions.

  7. Customers  may not assist our removalists in the performance of the move.

  8. Please advise us immediately if they or anyone onsite: is feeling sick, has developed COVID symptoms, has tested positive for the COVID virus, is currently waiting the results of a COVID test, has been in close contact with any person who has tested positive for the COVID virus or is in quarantine for any reason.

  9. Customers must advise us if any person onsite is vulnerable to the COVID virus, Eg. due to a medical condition or over the age of 70.


You must notify our office immediately, if there will be any difficulties in observing the above requirements.


Please note the above COVID Safe procedures, override any information that may be contained on our standard FAQ’s page.

What RemovinGo is doing to make moving home safer during lockdown?


The Corona virus is having a huge impact on the way we live our lives and go about our work. Like everyone RemovinGo is adapting daily, to help give our customer certainty and peace of mind in these challenging times. Below are some of the ways we are working to provide a safer service for our customers and staff:

1. Sanitizing of our Melbourne removals trucks and equipment, at the beginning and end of each day.

2. The regular use of sanitizer on removals jobs, and in particular at the start and end of each job.

3. Wearing of masks on all removals jobs. Wearing of gloves where required.

4. Limited contact with customers during your move. This means only one of our staff will briefly interact with one household member at the beginning of each move. We will obtain quick instructions and then ask that the customer then leave the premises or if not possible isolate in one room during the move.

5. We are no longer requiring our customers to digitally sign on and off using our ipad devices. We will ask you to verbally agree to our terms and conditions.

6. Limiting travel in our vehicles to a 2 person only.

7. Recording of travel logs for all addresses our workers attend each day.

8. We can also provide completely Contact-Free moves, for instance to help customers in a high risk category. This is much safer for people who do not wish to be present at the time of their house move. This will require a little more co-ordination in terms of creation of inventories, labeling of items to be moved and access to property keys. Feel free to call us to discuss this Contact Free move option.

9. Our staff must not attend work if they are:

  • feeling sick or have any COVID symptoms,

  • are in quarantine or isolation for any reason, including waiting for the results of a COVID test,

  • have come into close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID.

10. Keeping our teams up to date with all current rules, restrictions and best COVID safe hygiene procedures.



Please note the information presented above provides no guarantee that your move will go ahead as planned.  We note that information is changing regularly and without notice. We recommend you make your own enquiries with relevant government authorities, to be certain the activity you wish to undertake is permissible under prevailing restrictions. There are strict quarantine and hygiene rules and restrictions in place to prevent the spread of COVID 19. We ask that you become familiar with these rules, and comply with them. We note there are penalties in place for breaches of current rules and restrictions.